5 star testimonial!

I would recommend Koren and Andrea because they sold my home several hours after the sign went into the ground! They are smart, business savvy, courteous and effective realtors who provide best in class service and get the job done.

I had purchased my home as an investment about 3 years ago when the market was flat. This year, the real estate market was at an all time high with a strong “sellers” advantage and I pondered whether or not it was time to sell. I happened to see an online digital advertisement that included both Koren and Andrea’s information and I decided to invite them to my home to investigate and also provide their recommendation. They arrived very prepared and had numerous resources of information to refer to and share in order for me to accept their recommendation to sell my home. To my surprise they even provided and shared the strategy and plan on how to proceed in selling my home, to get the big return on my initial investment as I had hoped for. The rest is history— we received multiple offers and sold my home, over asking price and within hours of the sign being placed in the front yard!

From start to finish, you are working with best in class, smart, business savvy realtors who care about you, and have a mindset of winning!

Koren and Andrea don’t just care about selling your home, they care about what happens to you before, during and after as well. They were with me every step of the way through the process of selling my home— they went above and beyond to help me find a home to rent and move into as well because my home had sold so quickly! These ladies are compassionate, thoughtful and possess a strong moral compass and today, I consider them friends.

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