Looking to Relocate to Nashville?

Unique real estate opportunities await as Nashville continues to be one of the hottest real estate markets in the U.S. Nashville has become an attractive city to relocate to, with the increased desire for affordable, less dense urban living, and the new desire for more space in single family homes in the suburbs … Nashville and the surrounding neighborhoods, check all the boxes.

Andrea Niemiec and Koren Dodson specialize in relocation and can help you through the process and assist with all your relo needs. They are affiliate brokers with one of Nashville’s top real estate firms, VILLAGE. As Nashville reopens its economy after these unprescendented times they are offering one-on-one support and professional advice via zoom calls, text and emails.

Andrea and Koren are anticipating more and more people to continue to move to Nashville from larger cities all around because the pandemic has changed the work place, many no longer need to live where their work is headquartered. Nashville is asmaller city rich in culture, friendly and affordable.

Andrea is mother of two teenage boys and relocated her family to Nashville from Los Angeles 5 years ago. She specializes in working with buyers from Southern CA and being a trusted resource providing the most timely information for insight and advice. She takes great pride in building relationships, Andrea and Koren work together as a team and always work relentlessly on their client’s behalf.

Koren is a mother of one teenage girl, one teenage boy, and has lived in Brentwood for over 20 years with vast knowledge of the area, and brings a world of experience as it relates to renovations and interior design. Their client’s benefit greatly from this and Koren’s keen attention to detail and follow through.

Together they are both entrepreneurs and experienced negotiators, dedicated to providing a quick response time to questions or concerns. They offer both renters, or buyers their free service, support and advice to help them navigate through the process of finding a place to live and skillfully submit offers that will get accepted.